In the next millennium, a web site will strongly reflect upon the company that it represents. There are innumerable, and often discounted, minute details which lend to the overall impact and success of a great web site. WebWorth Inc. considers organization, simplicity, and an intuitive navigation system, to be key ingredients when building and maintaining a successful web site.

WebWorth Inc. realizes that great web sites have great companies running them behind the scenes, on a daily basis. WebWorth Inc. offers an Internet service helpful to most companies. Responsibilities include: reviewing content and layout for browser compatibility, load time, spelling, HTML design, dead links, link popularity: promotion of the web site as well as managing advertising programs that allow other companies to advertise on the web site: updating search engines to generate more traffic for people looking to buy your product: interfacing with corporate officers to ensure that the site is fulfilling its corporate goal.

A web site that offers dynamic content and design becomes a resource for its users. A site without dynamics is nothing more than an online brochure